Monday, February 14, 2011

The Monday Meltdown

Another segment first for The Daily Hoon is going to be a small tidbit called the "Monday Meltdown". This is where we'll get a video we find on YouTube of someone attempting to Hoon or successfully Hooning in a burnout of some kind. Do they ever succeed? No, not really...

This is a fine example of someone trying and coming up short... Recently posted and saying, "Me Burning off the tires a little before i get my new rims" Well that seems reasonable enough! Come on lets be honest here, no, that was weak. The rear of his car stepped out, the diff trying to not let it get both tires smoking, and lets not get started with the camera action. Needless to say this is the "quality" content you can expect from Fresh YouTube burnouts. That road doesn't look half bad, change the car, driver & cameraman and I think we could have a film worth its weight in fake YouTube money.

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