Monday, February 14, 2011

This Looks Promising

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Toyota is trying to not be so beige with its upcoming FT-86, of course it will come here to the US in some lovely "Stage 2 TRD Pro Sticker/Decal/Vinyl Adding Fake Horsepower Kit" with Scion. We have the scoop from 0-60 Mag and the latest info that gets my AWD loving self all tingly is that Subaru's version is gonna likely be an up-powered AWD version... Do I smell a 22B coming here someday? Let's hope it happens, or maybe that they'd consider a Spec C or a Type RA or both, or a S204 replacement for here... I guess we have a thing for Suby's but either way some SUPAAA DORRIFTTOO Toyota or some lightweight overpowered 2-door Subaru, its a win win kind of day.

Thanks to 0-60 and for the Infotainment.

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