Thursday, February 24, 2011

BMW Ultimate Blogger Contest - Support JBH

As some of you may know, BMW recently announced they are running a contest to find "The Ultimate BMW Blogger". Essentially, they are looking to find someone young and motivated who is obsessed with BMW's, and has a vast knowledge of the history, performance specifications, and minutiae of every car (and SUV *cringe*) to roll off a BMW assembly line. While we here at The Daily Hoon respect and appreciate BMW's, we are by no means experts on their heritage, however, we know someone who is.

Our friend from the Jalopnik commentariat JBH is for all intents and purposes a BMW obsessed individual. His passion for their legendary cars has been well documented on his Facebook page Straight Six Flicks where there are many videos and photos of all things BMW. Check out his entry post to read what were talking about:

"To me BMW represents balance. I have learned a lot about life and the way the world works through this understanding of balance as seen in a BMW. A fast BMW is not only a fine piece of engineering, but a temptation, a challenge.

When I drive a BMW, I have to balance everything right in order to get the ultimate experience. I am balancing the clutch and the throttle, balancing the car in the lane, balancing my desire to go faster with the legal restrictions.

I know the weight distribution in my BMW is almost perfectly balanced between the front and rear. I know the valves and pistons in my BMW are precisely balanced to provide a linear power delivery. When I am behind the wheel all of these components come together to create the ultimate driving experience.

BMW is much more than simply a car, or brand. It goes far beyond stoplight races and track days. Nothing can cure my problems better than rowing the gears, making the needle shoot to the redline. When I drive a BMW I am alive."

Well said, JBH, well said. We think it would be really awesome if he made it far in the contest, but for that to happen he will have to receive votes. If you would like to help a fellow hoon out please go to his official entry site and vote for him, there is no need to register and it's just a simple click of the mouse.

Thanks for voting!