Sunday, March 27, 2011

Texas Mile - Hinson Motorsports Turbo Corvette Crash

Yesterday at the Texas Mile Hinson Motorsports' record setting Turbo Corvette Z06 crashed at over 230 mph. According to their facebook page:
"Driver is OK. Our record breaking Corvette was well on the way to raising the bar again when it left the track at over 230mph. The driver walked away and has been released from the hospital. The car rolled one time and landed back on the wheels. This a testament to following safety guidelines and building a safe car. We update this again soon. Thanks!"

Update: While we continue to attempt to track down the video of the crash I was able to find out who took the original photos. Scott Carr was gracious enough to forward the high-res photos that he took of the crash to us at The Daily Hoon. They are now included in the post below. Additionally, there are some rumors that one of the cars to run before the Corvette had exploded its clutch leaving shrapnel at the finish line where the crash occurred. According to Scott: "The car that ran before them seamed ok to me. When the track was cleaned after the accident, it looked like they walked it, and measured the skid; but I did not see them pickup  or sweep that area. So I would say it was a no on the clutch rumor from my vantage point."

Update 2: We found video of the crash on YouTube, from User rossionrace, ©  Augusto Gabaldoni:

Update 3: Hinson Motorsports has posted a video of the wreck from their cameras. Start the clip at 3:28 to see the fateful run, all the footage before that is backstory on the car.

Thankfully the driver walked away and is uninjured. Hoon on, and hoon safely.

Autospotters has some up close photos of the wreck:
Image Source: AutoSpotters

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  1. From the video, it seems the Corvette hit a slightly elevated patch that allowed it to slightly do a momentary wheelie that lead to an ultra skid that has damaged much of the body case. Those Corvette are quite rate in the government car auctions perth but when they are available, they fetch a good price.

  2. What was the puff of smoke at 3.38? Left rear?