Friday, December 30, 2011

Random Forum Fight

While we've been busy with the holidays and what not we've been in and out of the intertube receptions but now that we've gotten a little bit of time back we stumbled upon yet another glorious example of why forums are AWESOME to just sit around and read. Over on while just searching through some of the regional section this gem popped up: "NJ Looking for Mechanic (Howell,NJ)".

It starts like every forum post, one member attempting to gain information on goods, services, or just general advice. And just like every other forum post it quickly spirals out of control in the best way possible, verbal warfare, name-calling, and above all apparent 'trolling' the thorn in the side of all forums.

Our OP (Original Poster) says he picked up a car at an auction with a salvage title, and is looking to get it fixed. Be it a man, shop, or alien Egyptian scientist, but as long as the price is realistic... Is that too much to ask? YUP!

"I'm looking for mechanic, preferably who actually works in auto repair place and is able to take on some extra work on his own, and/or is skilled, and have years of experience dealing with auto repairs (preferably BMW's, or other German cars.) or maybe even auto repair shop, as long as we can keep price realistic."
Next in line is the guru, the man with the book of knowledge that is far greater than any normal person can comprehend, he chimes in with the almighty know it all assumption:

“I am no one to piss on anyones parade. but you bought a car from a salvage auction. which means it's salvage. Not a repairable title.

So your asking us to if we can or if we know anyone who can illegally repair your vehicle due to it being in a accident with cpu codes flaring all over the place...”
It continues to spiral down and down and down and.... you get the idea. This is just our little forum fight find of the week and I hope you all take a moment to read it and have a good laugh, we sure did.

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