Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Daily Shot - October 6, 2011

Today's Daily Shot is a 599 GTO, an Enzo Ferrari and an Audi R8. There's a slight possibility these have been posted before, but - who cares. I can look at them over, and over, and over. As you can see above and around you we're starting to revamp the site with some new logos and graphics. Feel free to let us know what you think on twitter @TheDailyHoon or on Facebook

For those of you who are curious, these pictures were taken at Mountain Lakes Auto Spa in New Jersey. They service top end super cars on a regular basis and have quite a large client base. If you're in the New Jersey area there's a good chance if you stop by on the weekends you'll see some of these rare beasts in the wild.

In other news, Scotto is attending a performance driving / stunt driving school today and tomorrow. Expect a full review and write up of his experiences soon thereafter. Thanks for continuing to check us out. Happy hooning everyone!

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