Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Daily Shot - July 19, 2011: Use A Bike Lane

Today's Daily Shot simply depicts why I find bicyclists to be the most annoying road hazard encountered on a daily basis. This road has no shoulder, yet the bicyclist felt that it was a good idea to ride in the right lane even though it's late afternoon during the peak of traffic. Showing not a care in the world, the bicyclist also has no rear mirrors and never once turned to see that there was a car behind him that couldn't pass because of traffic in the left lane (see: Red Chevy Cruze and others off frame) and just meandered along at a snails pace. No, he wasn't doing 35 MPH, he was doing about 10 MPH.

This isn't to say we don't like Bicyclists. Bike races are good, in a closed environment. Just like we race - on a race track. If you want to ride your bike, fine - but don't take up more of the road than you would if you were in a car. Don't block the road for oncoming traffic, all you're doing is creating a danger for yourself, and all the cars around you, and you're breeding hatred towards bicyclists. Stop it.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Share the road. He's not supposed to be on the sidewalk. It isn't his fault that the local municipality doesn't accommodate him. He has every right to that lane.

    You don't like it, call your mayor/city/county rep., get a bike lane.

    He'd be well within his rights to do 10 mph in a car in that lane and make everyone pass him.

    There are 2 lanes and he is in the non-passing lane.

    Get over it.

  2. Okay I know I'm jumping in this late and have been a ghost on here for a while. But I wanted to add my 2 cents. I get the whole "same rules, same rights, same roads" thing that bikers and motorists alike are to acknowledge. However in some places that is way more well known then in others.
    It bothers me greatly when bikers (in my town) ride in the street even after our mayor put in a bike lane AND a street dedicated to bikers with a 15mph speed limit. Bikers that feel they can make their own rules and that motorists have to make way for them... To ride side by side and not single file. To cross an intersection disregarding a stop sign and have to audacity to flip the bird and make outrageous remarks about learning who has the right of way when they clearly are in the dark. Bikers like the ones I just described are a danger.

    Just like with liscensing with cars there should be a small simple test for bikers because I really think 5% or less actually have a brain.

  3. My city considers bicycles as vehicles for intents of the law (except riding a bicycle on sidewalks is legal). Whenever I ride my bicycle rather than my motorcycle I have to follow the laws just the same as when I'm on my motorcycle. That being said the bicycle is entitled to the full use of the lane when no bike lane is present and the lanes do not allow sufficient space for a car to pass by a bicyclist sharing a lane. But yea, if you're just cruising along then you should do your best to not obstruct the flow of traffic. If sidewalk riding is legal there that guy should be on it during peak traffic times.