Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day 2011 - Ferrari Friday; F40LM

We love the Earth. It's provided us with a bounty of natural resources which great engineers and builders have been able to transform in to racetracks, racecars, and cameras. When these three things come together it's a great time for everyone who loves the Earth. The smell of hot brakes, the stench of burning rubber, and the sweet aroma of exhaust flames. On this Earth Day, please join us in thanking the Earth for being so kind to us in providing us with these glorious gifts. To celebrate, let's watch a Ferrari F40 LM Preparazione Challange doing what it does best: being a racecar.

These videos come from us via YouTube. Let's see some more:

Last, and certainly not least we have an in car view of the Ferrari. Please share this post with your friends, if they love the Earth as much as we do, or if they enjoy the Ferrari F40. So basically,  anyone you're friends with will want to watch these videos, because why would you be friends with someone who doesn't like the F40? Nonsense. Spread your wings Ferrari, and bless the Earth:

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