Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The School of Hoon - Why You Don't Hit The Brakes at 200+ MPH After a Blowout

In our newly named, continuing segment on how to hoon safely and properly (no that's not irony), in light of recent events written up here we are going to provide a PSA on what to do in the event of a 200+ MPH tire blow out.

Obviously, different conditions dictate a series of separate actions to recover from a blowout and stop the car safely. Some of our insights today, and the video accompaniment comes to us courtesy of Berry Lowman (Communications guru, event promoter, rally driver, open road racer, #Motorama LIVE founder). From his experiences, here are just a few of his thoughts on the crash, and what to do if you were in a high speed blowout:

"I suspect tire failure based on the 2nd video footage. Hard to see exactly, but looks like tire fail/brake tap."
"You can't even think of touching the brake pedal if a tire blows @ speed. The second you do it flips."
"Had 2 friends blow rear tires over 220 @ '09 NORC. One in 4th gen Camaro & one in a Hendrick superspeedway car."
"Neither tapped brakes & rode it out, but Hendrick car came to a curve & went off. Rolled 5 times. Walked away."

That's some real insight from someone on the ground; thanks for sharing with us. Finally, here's some footage of a highspeed run of a Nissan 350z experiencing a tire blow out wherein the driver taps the brakes which induces the roll over (what not to do):

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