Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Drive - Nürburgring Edition

Sunday, the day of rest, relaxation, and racing. With the Formula 1 season on the horizon, the NASCAR season entering it's second week, and our local race tracks opening up within the next few weeks (in the Northeast at least) we thought it would be a nice idea to post some classic racing footage on Sundays.

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Last week we featured Ten Minutes at Tsukaba, today we feature a Nürburgring lap run of the Radical SR8 from 2005. At the time, this lap set the record for a production vehicle with a blistering 6 minute, 55 second run around the Green Hell. The car is driven by Michael Vergers, who later, in 2009 bested his time with a 6 minute 48 second run in the updated SR8 LM. We'll feature many of the record lap times on future Sunday Drives, but for today enjoy the classic lap from 2005:

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