Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's Sunday, and I'm at work

Thats right, it's Sunday, its sunny and relatively cold outside and actually it sucks outside. The sun is giving me a headache and the cold is making my nose run all the meanwhile I'm at work, could I ever ask for more?

I could ask and I will, I read a fair share of nameless automotive periodicals. When I was younger I would be able to spout out all sorts of facts about everything. Well I'm glad that now I don't really know whats going on, I know that all these "mags" complain and moan about how X-Brand's battery is Lithium and saves weight and costs $1,500... Who cares, if someone is going to buy that brand they could care less, or more realistically not even notice that that was an option.

It also really bothers me, when I see certain tests with say a Ferrari 599, Aston Martin Vantage, Merc SLS, Corvette ZR-1 (hypothetical... I hope), and the journalists will rave about how great the Ferrari is and how well it's built but it loses because of price... Really? price factors in to when someone has the option of any of those cars?? Do a test on the car, not how many people can buy it.

I'm reading a car magazine to feel how the car drives, the editors get paid to be descriptive and entertaining and really draw the reader in to make them feel they are in fact experiencing this. Why is it that half way through the article its them complaining about the fit & finish or the "glue smell" in the ZR-1? Don't get me wrong that might be pertinent if I actually go and test drive one and decide, yeah that smells like glue...

I'm not bashing the car magazines, I'm just saying the USA magazine's need to take some of the idea's that EVO over in the UK does. They drive the cars, they feel the cars, they talk about how the car made them feel, not how upset they were about the price or how much "petrol" it uses.

They just drive, and that's what drives me.

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