Thursday, March 28, 2013

2013 New York Auto Show Hoon Wrap-Up

We had an awesome day today at the NY Auto Show. 2013 didn't disappoint. We arrived shortly before Volvo announced the updates to their R-Line and something about a Wagon R coming and we got bored and sauntered on. They had the normal publicity stuff in most of the places, Flash Drives full of file photos and what not, but the fun part of the these attention grabbers was the mints all too many people had out... What are you all saying??? On a serious note however, they had a few interactive gaming stations, one of which Pirelli had going which was driving a Lotus F1 at Circuit of the Americas. I think it was F12013 the game, either way, steering wheel, fully reclined seat and a pedal box all equaled fun.

As we plodded along the static producing fields of carpet we saw a few concepts this year and the usual array of production cars and trucks running the gamut from 'I see those everywhere', to 'they still make that'...(Mitsubishi). Aside from the norms there was another poor showing by Ferrari which we as fans were hoping would change, the LaFerrari was a no show, as expected; but come on... not even an F12? There was a couple 458's and one of which was a Mansory, which as we all know is an acquired taste. 

There were a host of McLaren's that you'll see in the picture dump below, a couple F1 cars, albiet much older models. The new Viper TA, the awesome new Porsche GT3, an LFA Nurburgring Edition, the radical aero on the Jaguar XKR-RS or whatever nomenclature it goes by these days. The whole AMG range was in force minus the Black Series, but they had one of the 507 Edition C63s and that thing was gorgeous but aggressive and was in the now mainstream Matte style paint, which we like... A lot. The new Vanquish is just striking with it's updated lines, and they had a movie car Camaro there from the upcoming animated movie 'Turbo' that was two steps past absurd, in a good way. The one concept debut that we all were very stoked for, the WRX Concept debuted which as you already know from earlier posts, is dead sexy. Also for any greenies out there the new XV CrossTrek Hybrid, which looked strikingly similar to the current model, but it was painted green so everyone around you knows you care. Dodge seemed to take a que from Toretto's RX-7 in the first fast and furious flick and added a spot to put NOS under the passenger seat in the Dart.

All in all, it was a good show and a good time, the show provided a tasty lunch and plenty of refreshments throughout the floors, and we'll be plenty excited this time next year to see what else is cool and exciting in the auto world.

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