Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Skyline Burnout: POWERRRRRR

Random postings from The Daily Hoon will be flowing forth from our loins over the next few days, weeks, months, etc. What would you like to see us write about? What should we review? Where should we go? We want to travel and document random stuff like we did on the Dirt Fish review, and perhaps check out some different places for hoonage in the tri-state area. Discuss in the comments, if you'd like. Or on twitter @TheDailyHoon . Oh, right, check out this burnout we found on YouTube. We have no idea who this is. We have no idea where this was filmed. We have no idea what modifications have been done to this car. We know that this burnout is massive, beautiful, loud, smokey, and just. Enjoy:


  1. what if you guys checked out the tracks (circuits & drag strips) around the area? Review them like dirt fish for whatever u go there for. e.g. if u go to island dragway to do 1/4 miles, whats the bang for your buck like, ameneties, environment, staff, people, worth the trip, etc... or if you go to a rolex cup race, how was the view, the paddock, etc... Idk, just a thought.

    1. gensh, I like the idea. Scott was at Lime Rock in April and we go to NJMP all the time yet have never really written up any of those places. I'm thinking a night at the drag strip could be kick ass too. Not to race, to watch and take photos and film stuff.