Monday, July 9, 2012

Gymkhana 5: San Francisco Rush

The day has arrived: Gymkhana 5 has been released. Some say Ken Block's Gymkhana videos are nothing more than D.C. shoe commercials, and that after the not so well received Gymkhana 4 there was no other movies to be made. We at The Daily Hoon beg to differ, and are beyond excited for the release of the latest Gymkhana video from Mr. Ken Block. If you played Nintendo 64 as a kid, you probably remember the "Rush" video games, you could hoon about various parts of San Francisco, and in the later games various parts of the United States in stupid fast, absurdly colorful, and outrageous video game cars. After watching GYM5, it's fairly obvious to us that Ken Block is a video game hero for all of us to watch, respect, and enjoy. Thank you Ken, DC Shoes, Ford, Monster, etc. for spending money on awesomeness, hot, nasty, tire smoking, bad ass awesomeness. Check it out:

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