Friday, March 16, 2012

Formula One is great; This is Why...

Reading earlier today on, the beauty of Formula One presents itself yet again under the watch of Ross Brawn. The article focuses on the new Rear Wing DRS activated F-Duct. There hasn't been any statement whether it produces an advantage, however after testing Michael Schumacher was on the top (but that's the way it should be).

As Ross Brawn puts it, "I can tell you it's great for F1, because for me the magic of F1 is not just the drivers - it's the technology, the engineering, the innovation, the stories that fill the web pages and the media". Frankly we can't agree more. Keep on keeping on, and we're all very excited to spend this weekend enjoying the marvel of F1 as the 2012 Season Opener in Australia is upon us!

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