Monday, October 24, 2011

A PCA HPDE weekend

A PCA HPDE weekend

This past Thursday and Friday, I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with the Schattenbaum Region PCA for two days of track time at NJMP.

Thursday was spent on the shorter albiet quicker Lightning track. A 1.9 mile various elevation track with a host of fun sweeping turns. Lightning for me was more challenging due to more high speed sections that my 944 had trouble contending with the more powerful cars on. I even had the lovely opportunity to get out of shape on the left hander after the bridge heading to the bulb.

Friday was spent at the longer circuit, Thunderbolt. I personally enjoy T-Bolt more than Lightning, due mainly to its more complex nature, more turns, and longer track. I felt much more in tune with the car there also and I was able to really push it. I learned while I was there from Don Provost of ProvostMotorsports after letting him take my car for a couple laps that my car is in need of some fine suspension adjustments, as it was too twitchy and was oversteering quite a lot. A special thanks to Jeff, Don, and Max for hooking up the info for this and dialing my setup a bit. She still needs work but after a quick front strut adjustment the car felt even more alive. You may even notice in this second video I took one of my windshield wipers off and positioned the other way down after they bothered me to no end on Thursday.

I hope you enjoy the videos and if you have any comments on the driving, car or how to get involved in this feel free to contact us! I love talking shop about these events and try to do as many as my very tiny budget allows. Happy Hooning everyone.

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