Thursday, April 14, 2011

24 Hours of LeMons - An #oppositelock Report from Smokyburnout

This past weekend the 24 Hours of LeMons raced at New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville, NJ. The Daily Hoon unfortunately was not in attendance due to scheduling conflicts. Fortunately for us, and for you - our friend Smokyburnout, a frequent contributor to the Jalopnik commentariat and a compelling twitter follower was able to make it to the race. We've compiled some of Smokyburnout's photos below for your viewing pleasure, and have included commentary from Smoky to give you a taste of what the weekend was like. If you would like to contribute to The Daily Hoon please drop us a line . But for now, enjoy the LeMons hoonage:

The Lancia Scorpion-bodied Toyota MR2 and the "Bury the Evidence" penalty are both creations of Speedycop and his Gang of Outlaws. It was nowhere near the fastest of the 5 MR2s in the race (the #32 Biohazard MR2 had the fastest lap of the entire race) but it was surprisingly reliable and was the highest-finishing MR2.
Rusty Bolt Racing's Miller High Life Porsche 962 IMSA GTP was revealed to actually be a 944 when one of the coroplast bodywork extensions fell off on Saturday afternoon. They climbed into the top 20 for a few hours on Sunday but ended up finishing 21st.
Figuring out exactly what happened to the Woeful House Plymouth Laser took a bit of detective work on my part, as by the time I got there their pit area abandoned. Timing and scoring shows them taking their first lap in the race's second hour, and their eighth and final lap in the third hour. It would seem they had an especially catastrophic clutch failure.
Team FarFrumWinnin's Audi Sport-liveried VW Fox had fairly knackered front suspension. When combined with of of their more aggressive drivers, this exaggerated the typical FWD VW handling traits and made for many photo opportunities at the Lightning course's sharp Turn 7. They managed to finish 13th overall and took home Grassroots Motorsports Magazine's Most from the Least Award.
The Lincoln Mark VIII/Lockheed P-38 (MarkP-3VIII?) is the former Team Police Brutality car (you can still see the decals under the silver paint) and the fastest/most-raced/most-reliable car in Speedycop's stable. They seemed to have a fairly uneventful race, and it would also seem their car was rather difficult for me to photograph in motion.
There were two Ricky Bobby/Laughing Clown Malt Liquor-themed racers in this race. The #82 Laughing Clown E30 finished 4th, but the #126 Flying Turd Racing Team Thunderbird Turbo Coupe were taken out by an engine fire.
I did not witness this incident, I only saw the aftermath. The #241 Vermont Volvochero was able to continue (finished 9th), but the Overengineer'd Racing E30 was out for the day. The driver of the E30 stopped the Volvo as he was driving away and gave him a thumbs up, not sure if he was doing his best Kyle Busch impression or if they were really cool.
Note that the E30's roof spoiler is a Yakima roof rack wind deflector!

The Racing World Team and their #140 Monte Carlo took home that huge trophy with the pistons and cams on a flywheel base, which was for perseverance. Apparently they arrived at the track with a less than thorough understanding of the rules and only made 44 laps during the race, but they were very proud to be running at the finish.

The #67 J-Team Jetta was covered with amusing A-Team quotes.
The #187 Tribe IDP's Quest E30 had a hilarious rap feud paint scheme, and those speakers where the taillight should be blasted hot beats all around the track.
Team Rust in the Wind's #300 lumpy-hooded, Saab-turbo-powered Z31 300ZX is just awesome. The roof wing appears to be electrically adjustable, and the digital gauges look custom.

Blurry, but that's an Orange Can of Death on the Speedycop Lancia.

My car parked next to a $120,000 Audi.

Here are some of the other pictures, without caption. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @TheDailyHoon and follow Smoky @Smokyburnout. Thanks for reading. Happy hooning!

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