Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Who To Follow: March 22, 2011

Image Source: http://www.worldrallysport.com/
Who To Follow: Our weekly rundown of the interesting accounts to subscribe to or put on a list on your twitter. In todays high speed world of social media it's important to have a solid stream of up to date and pertinent information that interests you. Bucking from the "Follow Friday" tradition we figure it's a good idea to find people to follow to begin the work week as opposed to the end. Hopefully you'll enjoy these as much as we do:

  • @MattHardigree -  Editor on Jalopnik, a hip texan with a quick wit.
  • @SmokyBurnout - From the Jalopnik commentariat, provides great commentary and has the greatest handle ever.
  • @RallyNews - Updates on all things related to Rally, WRC, Rally Cross, etc.
  • @WorldRallySport - Official Twitter for http://www.worldrallysport.com/ , providing global Rally coverage.
Have a great week everyone, thanks for continuing to check us out.

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