Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Michael Explains Formula One - Why? Because Schumacher

Video Source : YouTube

Racecar legend and hero of Motorsports Michael Schumacher and his team have put together a nice little video about the rules and regulations for the upcoming 2011 season. What we love about the great Schumi is his insane car control, his overall friendliness, and the fact that he can Dab the Oppo like a boss! Why? Because KERS is back that's why...

The new things that Schumi mentions are the Pirelli Tires, KERS, and the interesting driver adjustable Flappy Rear Wing (FRW) that helps with driver overtaking. These things are all good for sure, except we miss the days of the 3 litre V10, the absurd electronic engine timing, the just no-holds-barred F1 of yore. Now it seems like they're really trying to Spec the series too much and that was never what Formula 1 was about. I'm a big proponent of a set of rules that engineers have the task of bending. It made it more interesting, it made it both a competition of driver skill and engineering marvels.

The new season starts in Melbourne with the 1st Practice session coming to us in 2 days. Stay tuned, I know you're all as excited as we are.

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