Thursday, March 17, 2011

LeMons/Rally Road Trip, 2.1

We are now about 60 Miles from Mount Rushmore and have been making quick time of the trip. The cell phone coverage has been nonexistent for the past 3 hours driving through Montana and Wyoming. The Prelude has been holding up marvelously at cruising speeds of 75-80 MPH. The roads are incredibly straight and flat and it's a shame that they now have speed limits.

Last night we drove until 4 AM where we stopped in Livingston, WY after driving through 2 snowstorms. We woke up to this scene at 10 this morning, and got on the road around 10:45. The spotty 3G coverage is hampering our efforts to stay connected throughout the entire trip. I hope you're enjoying reading up on our journey. More posts to come..

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