Thursday, March 17, 2011

LeMons/Rally Road Trip, 1.3

Greetings friends! Let's see, it is currently 1:20AM Mountain Time and we've been on the road now for a little over 10 hours, which means we are a little less than a quarter of the way back to New Jersey. The GPS screenshot above was taken as we departed Dirtfish Rally this afternoon. The Prelude has been running strong through the mountains of Washington, Idaho, and Montana; we experienced a bit of snow flurries and wet roads in the mountains but nothing we can't handle. The wintery mix comes and goes, but with no cars on the roads we're not too worried.

The Prelude has been getting about 31 MPG while running an average speed of about 70 MPH, as I've continued to write this update the snow has started to come down a bit harder and there's a slight dusting on the road. We have found that the Prelude's steering tends to pull to the left a bit  - it's clearly tuned for NASCAR.
We'll be back up later tonight...more to come...

*UPDATE* 1:56 AM - We just climbed and crossed the Continental Divide in the middle of a snowstorm. About 500 foot visibility, I'm not entirely sure I'm not a dermatologist, or something. We were going at most 25 MPH with about an inch of snow on the ground with a 6% grade - oh, with S turns - and double trailer trucks passing us on the downhills. Fun stuff! Thankfully, we did what any hoon would do, dab the oppo on the downhill and drift around the turns. Actually, no we needed to make sure the car made it through unscathed which thankfully it did. After 3 Red Bulls each and the snowstorm we are feeling good and ready to roll out some more miles. Check in later when the sunrises...

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