Wednesday, March 16, 2011

LeMons/Rally Road Trip, 1.2

We have successfully completed our 1/2 day rally session at The Dirt Fish Rally school. It was an incredible experience and something we recommend everyone to try. After our four hour session we had lunch and then came back to the school for a tour of the shop and the entire facility. The folks at Dirt Fish were a world class bunch, extremely welcoming and amazing hosts. While we sort through our hundreds of photos and 10 GB of video footage on the trip back home enjoy the first few shots here:

The Prelude arrives, parking next to an e30 M3 we know we were amongst hoons.
Colin McRae's Ford Focus WRC car greets you in the lobby of DirtFish.

That's it for now. The batteries need to recharge on the MacBook Pro. Tonight we'll add another update on our progress back East. So far the Prelude is driving like a champ and we're making great time - just outside of Spokane. Don't forget to follow us on twitter at: @TheDailyHoon . Cheers, and happy hooning.



    I gotta get out to dirtfish soon...

  2. Hey, tractor girl Lacy here! I enjoyed following you're posts up to your arrival at DirtFish! And I look forward to reading about your're trip back. I'm glad you had a good experience at DirtFish and I hope I made the course nice and smooth for you're wicked 4 hours of driving! Hope to see you here again someday...have fun on your trip!