Friday, February 18, 2011

Snow Driving Fail

Today's car related shenanigans comes to us courtesy of Halley O'Brien, check out more of her snow sports related work at: or follow her on Twitter.

So much went wrong here, it's hard to choose where to start.

Doing a J-Turn in that proximity to a light pole wasn't smart, and in retrospect much of what they were doing was quite silly; but I guess that was the point. At least they started right and chose a car that cost about as much as her shoe waterproofing.

When playing in the snow it's always a good idea to pick a spot that you know, and in a car you trust, with someone else that has a car in the off chance you attempt to jump your Kia over a median... and fail...spectacularly.

Regardless of the epic fail, we hope you enjoyed the video of their "360". Also, don't attempt to spin a car around with someone hanging out the window - nothing will ever go right with that.

To paraphrase here... "No one can do worse than they just f*cking did". Enjoy :D and comment below.

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