Monday, February 14, 2011

Miko and Ford Rule in Sweden

Miko Hirvonen and his Ford Racing WRC bad-ass car claimed the season opener in Sweden this weekend, and are off to a strong start; Ford swept the podium followed by a Citreon set. The whole race was very exciting and Miko had a great starting position for the last day. He started a few places back which gave him a cleaner track but there hadn't been too much snow picked up to hurt visibility.

"I was really nervous before the last stage but what a fantastic start from the team with the new car," Hirvonen told the official world rally website. "The car has been quick straight away and after a tough season last year I am really pleased with this," he added.
Hirvonen raced past the 23 yr old Ostberg to claim the lead. This sets up Miko and Ford for a solid next race on March 3-6 in Mexico ¡Arriba!

*tip to CNN


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