Monday, March 25, 2013

How fast is fast? F1 vs. Race Car vs. Road Car

So we've seen over the years the "speed comparisons" between all sorts of cars.  Mainly Mustangs and Camaros and Civic's and other civic'y like cars. But something that's been done maybe a couple times has been the "Road car vs. Race car", and we like them... A LOT. It really shows the true nature of a purpose built race car, it displays in all it's virtuoso the truth that, you can build a road car and you can build a race car, but you'll never build a road car that's a race car.

Mercedes did a comparison  Top Gear did one, Williams (I think) did one, and even Honda. But we haven't had a "Modern" one in a while. Well the wait is over! At the Melbourne Grand Prix this year they decided to stage a new one! Which features David Coultard in a RedBull F1 car (not an expert on them, but it may be the same one that shot Clarkson in the plums with a paintball) versus an Australian V8 SuperCar, which is basically a racecar version of the US NASCAR (it turns right, unlike our V8 cars), and an Mercedes SL63 AMG, which is one of the cars on my "I'd buy my wife if I won the lottery" list. Not to say it's a slouch, but its a Mercedes so they fill the doors with lead, and add 36 inches of sound deadening everywhere, which add weight. Either way, we all KNOW how it ends, but its still really cool to watch, and I could watch these kind of one sided races all day, you know like most of the anything vs. civic ones I talked about earlier....

This is the extended version which gives us more awkward commentary... ENJOY!

(source: YouTube)

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