Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Gift's for the Hoon

So it's that time of the year when we all spend money hoping to please people with gifts and good tithings. Now many of you may want to consider the car lover in your family with some the giving of hoon-worthy giftitude. I know thats not a real word, but I like it and it's staying.

This year when asked what we wanted there was but a short pause then an eruption of overly expensive needs. In fact on our wish list there are only a few things easily affordable (tools, lots and any kind). But we all know that we have to keep our bank accounts in check, and with that, we'd like to reach out to anyone that reads this and get your two cents. That's right this isn't a post about gift ideas from our head, it could be, but it's an open forum to hear what car lovers, and hoons of all ages want to find under their respective tree's or hood's.

Post a comment below and let that wish-list fly!

Roll-cages, turbos, ECUs, shifters, transmissions, engines, the lot of it, let's get this going. Some of your ideas may even be used in our upcoming E36 M3, or LeMon/RallyX Lude builds.

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