Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Race Prep - Hoon Style

As we all know, racing is an amazing sport, it's cheaper than drugs and far more addictive. As we scour lots of videos, forums & other sites we see all too many people that go the cheap route to hoonery. Sure it's fun to get a beater and go out to the local street and drive like an idiot...

Here at The Hoon we're proponents of playing it safe while keeping cost low. That's why we're going to be chronicling lots of our expenditures so everyone out there will see how much it costs to have lots of fun even if you haven't recently hit the lottery.

Recently we've began the craigslist finds for some extra's for our Project Lude. Things like extra wheels and tires, engines, transmissions, seats, body panels, etc. We want to have fun, but we're not ready to die doing it... Yet...

We've been pricing and purchasing Snell rated Helmets and SFI rated shoes and gloves. We've also been looking in to the roll cage for the project ride.

It's worrisome looking at the prices of suits and a lot of the necessary race gear to be safe, thats why we gladly accept donations of all kinds and are also planning on taking the build slowly and doing it right. This isn't going to be a mix of Car Warriors and Junkyard Wars, well maybe the later but with no time frame...

Stay tuned as we dive further in to the world of motorsports, and we hope you all enjoy the ride.

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