Friday, March 18, 2011

LeMons/Rally Road Trip, 2.4 - The Night Cap

It's currently Midnight in the Central timezone and we are just passing mile marker 281 on I-90 in South Dakota; about 119 miles from Sioux City. The above picture was taken this afternoon at a rest stop in Montana because I'm a sucker for a good lens flare. The Prelude is getting about 32-33 Miles Per Gallon thus far while running an average speed of 64.2 (according to the Garmin GPS). South Dakota has given us great cell phone coverage which facilitated our recent posts. About half way through the trip we have over 400 photos to sort through and 15 GBs of GoPro video recorded. We are holding off on uploading videos to conserve our bandwidth usage.

Our plan right now is to continue to drive in to the dark night of South Dakota while we still feel awake and coherent. Surprisingly, after 13 plus hours of driving today there hasn't been much fatigue on either of our parts. For now, enjoy some more pictures of our trip while I edit through some more:

Goodnight, and thanks for following us - send us your thoughts in the comments, by email, or on twitter.


  1. set as your next waypoint:

    4400 W 16th St, Indianapolis, IN

    also, what number redbull are you each on?

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