Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Craigslist Find Of The Week

Once a week we'll find a fun, unique, or cringe worthy craigslist car/truck ad and highlight here. Please feel free to submit any ideas you have to TheDailyHoon@gmail.com .

Today we find a cringeworthy Ferrari that is so distastefully modified it isn't worthy of being featured on Ferrari Friday. According to the seller it has a manual AND automatic transmission. Clearly he didn't read up on his F1 transmission and assumes people looking to buy this have possibly less of a clue than he had. O_o. The custom wheels, while possibly appealing to those looking for form not function are really just disturbing to say the least, the spraypaint work is tacky, and the custom interior work is tragically bad. Why even get the Daytona seats if they're not going to be used? We're not going to get political on this blog, but this is an abortion:
"Welcome and thank you for viewing our 2005 Ferrari F430 Spyder. This special and one of a kind F430 is loaded with all the options as well as some custom work as well. Most of the black pieces on the body were sprayed to match the color of the car. Custom built and designed wheels were specially made for this 430. The front was lowered a little and also has an exhaust system that sounds amazing. Car also has navigation and sub. Some of the other options include red calipers, shields, special order Daytona seats and much much more."

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