Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Classic Car Club of Manhattan - A Visit by JBH

Subaru WRX STi and a BMW Z8
One of the reasons Scotto and I started The Daily Hoon was to focus on the local level of Motorsports and the passionate people that make up the community around us. Our friend from the Jalopnik commentariat, JBH (whom you may have read about on our previous post
"BMW Ultimate Blogger Contest - Support JBH") is one of those people. Today he was lucky enough to have an interview for an internship at the Classic Car Club of Manhattan
They are located in Manhattan, just outside the entrance to the Holland Tunnel. For those who haven't heard about them, a brief synopsis is provided on their site: 

"Started in London, 1995, Classic Car Club is the first club of its kind to give members the keys to the most staggeringly stylish fleet of cars ever assembled. Today, Classic Car Club locations can be found throughout Europe, with our two Manhattan locations paving the way for many Classic Car Clubs to launch throughout America, including Los Angeles, Miami, and other cities opening soon. Whether it be modern supercars or vintage cruisers, Classic Car Club Manhattan has the right ride for you. But there’s so much more to Classic Car Club than just driving the cars. We are a private club with a network of members that share in the excitement of all sorts of events, from weekend rallies, happy hours and special events at the club to shifts behind the wheel of our racecar and first-class travel to Formula 1 events around the world."
Check out some shots of their garage and showroom for a pictorial taste of the Car Club:
Surely this is an organization any good hoon can get behind. According to JBH the interview went well, and it looks like there's a good possibility he will be splitting time interning there and at Lime Rock Park this summer; I can smell the petrol already. As you can see he provided us with some pictures of their cars and facilities. The Classic Car Club also maintains and races a LeMons car, we will be sure to find out more information on this and see if we can get some more details on their plans to race the car this year. To close out his day, JBH got a ride in an F430. Rightfully so, this was the highlight of the trip. Thanks for the pictures and info JBH. 

If you like any of these shots feel free to drop us a line or contact JBH on his twitter.


  1. I think the Columbia SAE team got some shit done by them, like they built our exhaust or something in like 2007.

  2. I know JBH, and he is going to be great at both Classic Cars and at the Lime Rock track...