Monday, February 21, 2011

Who To Follow: President's Day Edition

Who To Follow: Our weekly rundown of the interesting accounts to subscribe to or put on a list on your twitter. In todays high speed world of social media it's important to have a solid stream of up to date and pertinent information that interests you. Bucking from the "Follow Friday" tradition we figure it's a good idea to find people to follow to begin the work week as opposed to the end. Hopefully you'll enjoy these as much as we do:

@BBC_TopGear - The official twitter account for the legendary British motoring show, providing a constantly stream of updates on new vehicles and information.
@TopGear_America - The little cousin of the BBC Top Gear, think of it as Top Gear Lite. Still fun as hell.
@MWRT - Monster World Rally Team; Sponsors of the Gymkhana drift legend Ken Block; a Hoonigan.
@ZeroToSixty - Twitter for 0-60 Mag, a magazine about fast cars. Beautiful.
@Motor_Trend - Motor Trend: Maxim for cars, because everyone needs good bathroom reading. If anything, I think of it as an honorable place to be, bathroom time is sacred and we're proud  to bring Motor Trend there with us...and now you can too on your mobile device.

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