Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Morning Drag, Supercar Style

Looks like GTSpiritVideo has uploaded a first to YouTube this morning, with a "drag race" between a 458 Italia, the new McLaren MP4-12c, and a ass-engined nazi sled, I mean Porsche Turbo.

It's not a really good video, it shows a jumped launch but the MP4, and looks like the Ferrari driver was picking his nose when the flag dropped. Who wins? stay tuned and when you find out let me know...

Either way its a good start to see what this McLaren can do, even if it was a "staged press viral thing for Mclaren" if all that even needs to be quoted. I'll be waiting to see how complete a McLaren can be without Gordon Murry's magic touch, although he did say he's happy that Mclaren was able to keep some of his ideas...

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