Tuesday, February 15, 2011

McLaren MP4-12C... Finally?

Its been on YouTube for a couple days now but McLaren put out a video showing off in text and moving pictures its new bad boy.

Well its been a while, and in my opinion pays homage to the great F1 of yesteryear. The original F1 was such an amazing machine and it did so much more than just go fast like the Bugatti does now. Still McLaren is staying true the idea of lesser weight and aerodynamic efficiency.

Just with all the money they'll be making supplying ECUs to F1 and now the nail-biting edge of the seat racing in... oh wait no sorry I meant Nascar, they'd be able to make serious waves with this car. Also where's the center "hot" seat, really why are no manufacturers doing this anymore??

With the way technology is moving and with McLaren being supposedly in the front, I would have hoped they would make something that would just blow me away... At least it's not a hatchback.. You listening Ferrari...

source: (YouTube)

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