Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Craigslist Find Of The Week

Once a week we'll find a fun, unique, or cringe worthy craigslist car/truck ad and highlight here. Please feel free to submit any ideas you have to

Today's find is a 1993 Honda civic Si hatchback Turbo B18C race/street car. Say what?

According to the ad over $30,000 was invested in "fully building" the motor. Unfortunately, there is no mention of what was actually done, except to blow smoke up the potential buyers ass. With a claim of "480 HP+" and no supporting evidence in the ad, coupled with the brash disclaimer of "NO TEST DRIVES!" we can only assume that this Honda Civic is near the end of it's usable life, and any remaining horsepower it may have once achieved from it's legendary B18 beating heart are are no where near 400. What are your thoughts?

In case the posting goes down, here's a screen cap:

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