Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Countdown to Dirt Fish Rally School - Entry #2

Welcome to our second update on our ongoing journey to Rally School in Seattle, WA. For a little bit of background, check out our Welcome Page and then read our first countdown post; Dirtfish 101. As the countdown slowly continues, we are of course planning on making this a huge deal, because to us  it is exactly that...

As of today Scotto has picked up a GoPro video camera and a big memory card to chronicle the whole trip and to add to our growing list of Hoon related videos.

Last week we purchased our flights out West, and will be departing in the early morning of March 15th, as the sun rises over the great state of Pennsylvania we'll be on board a flight to beautiful Cincinnati! A short layover then off to "The Evergreen State" landing in SEA-TAC.

Image Source: CarDomain
Not long after this we will have roughly 3 hours or so of daylight (fingers crossed it isn't raining) to look over the car and make final adjustments.

Every road-trip starts with proper maintenance which means we're going to give the 'Lude a quick and dirty wrench and lube job; we'll also be tuning her up to make sure she is ready for whatever the 2,932 miles of America can throw our way.

We will be on our way to DirtFish early on the morning of the 16th for our 8am session of white knuckled, opposite locked, power sliding, super doriftoing in the DirtFish STi's.

Between now and then we'll post some more background on the 1989 Prelude Si The 'Lude (which will be our future LeMons car), DirtFish Rally school, and our plans for the trip back. If anyone has any recommendations for great places to drive between Seattle, and New Jersey please send us a message, or notes of encouragement at:

Thanks for following our progress, as always: Happy Hooning everyone!

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