Thursday, February 17, 2011

Canada; represented by good natured people, happiness, universal healthcare, and really just off putting advertising. The latest set of commercials from our good friends at Subaru Canada, have a couple new ads up. The "Sexy is Standard" on the Forester, is an interesting ad in my opinion, but I don't get it... I laughed, I cried, I had to at points look away... But yeah, still don't get it.

I then watched the STi commercial SoC put up as well... SoA has Mirra sliding around under an overpass, and the far North version has a black and white cartoon of some transformer like alien attacking a similarly drawn car, which drives around unrealistically then it shows some "stig" looking character driving a real one then thats it, kind of... at least it looks cool in real life. And I don't get it...

To me this shows the vast differences in marketing a northern border will create. I won't buy a Forester, but not because of that commercial, but because I'm going to buy an STi. I'll probably never understand those commercials, but keep making them, cause I'll keep watching.

Source: YouTube

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